Over a year later… and I’m still alive!

Hey there,

I kinda stopped posting to this blog due to time and other stuff I had to do.

I also needed to fit in my weight loss. Like I said, I also started following a health (healthier) diet.

This isn’t as easy as everyone makes out. Measurements, the right food, meals, calories etc are a constant battle! And freakin’ time consuming.

Anyway, it’s just over a year later and I’m still here!

What’s more, I reached my goal weight!

I wanted to be 90KG’s (approx 198lbs) by Christmas last year – I managed 92KG (203lbs).

But that didn’t phase me – as soon as I noticed the weight dropping off I realized I could do it.

DNP helped massively. I won’t deny it. But I must admit the diet and exercise also helped.

Also, I cut out drinking alcohol during the week (well, maybe still the odd 1 or 2, but nothing like before!).

Stuck within my calorie daily limit – although not ALL 100% healthy, a big improvement!

So what do I weigh now?

Well, here a picture taken tonight of me standing on the scale.

That’s 78.5KG (173lbs)!

Please excuse the hairy feet and sandle damaged toes – It is Spain and sunny here most of the time!

Anyway, that’s bang in the middle of my goal weight of 77KG to 80KG! Remember this from when I started last year September?

I’ve managed to maintain it too. I reached my goal in around April/May this year (2010). I came off DNP cycles and continued to watch what I eat (but far from being a health freak). Curbed my drinking during the week (still party at weekends) and work out 2 or 3 times a week.

I don’t go to a fancy Gym or anything. I invested in a treadmill and a weights bench. Nothing fancy. In fact it’s very “ghetto”. They’re outside on my terrace and I use an ordinary car cover for them to protect them from the rain (and sun).

So I have a 10 min jog on the treadmill or an intense (incline) fast walk followed by about 30 mins weight training.

That’s it. 40 – 45 mins per session. Depending on how I feel, I’ll do that 2 or 3 times a week.

I don’t kill myself. I’m not a meat head at the gym.

I do it because it makes me look and feel better. I also know that lifting weights helps a lot to burn calories. When your muscles are repairing they use energy. I’ve reached my goal and want to keep it like that.

I fully recommend you do try incorporate some mild weight training. This doesn’t mean you have to bulk up and get big. It burns calories and it really does help.


DNP sure helped me get where I wanted to be. Yes, they worked (at least for me). They worked well and I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it (personally) without the aid.

However by making small lifestyle changes has helped me to stay at my current weight (give or take) for the last 5 months.

Diet and exercise play the biggest part when you get to your goal weight. You have to make changes or the weight will come back – seriously.

I don’t recommend you take DNP if you have heath conditions. Refer back to the health warning I posted earlier on this site.

[UPDATE 2012]

My supplier has shut down, so unfortunately I cannot give you their details. Also, it seems any good suppliers have dried up.

I have however been taking Phen375 (Phentemine) – this is a “magic pill”, similar to DNP but better and actually STILL legal at the moment. Whenever I put on a few pounds I hit these tablets and the weight just melts off.

Take care, good luck, and don’t abuse DNP! (if you can find it)

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Richard January 4, 2011 at 2:18 pm

Hey great result!

I followed this from when you started and wondered what happened to you.
It’s good to see you reached your goal weight so quick. But I want to know if you’re experiencing and long term side affects? Just want to know before I go ahead with it.

Thanks, Rich.


Mike August 26, 2012 at 3:45 am

Hi! Good news that you’re not yet experiencing any side effects of this stuff. And great that you reached your goal weight! If you some day do get sick, please report back. But really, if your weight does not go down it means that the food you eat contains more calories then what you spend daily. Nobody ever eats as little as they think. I lost 20 kgs by excercising and eating less. Of course, if one does not like excercising or dieting, poison lke DNP might be a quick fix.


Susanna December 14, 2012 at 5:41 pm

DNP is absolutely dangerous! What it does is uncouples the electron transport chain from ATP synthesis in your mitochondria. This is the basis of energy generation for your body. Basically, you are screwing around with your body!


Mark September 13, 2013 at 10:17 am

Excerpt from a letter I received from my son’s school today – DNP is dangerous and should be avoided. It’s pretty simple, eat less and exercise more!:
You will remember that my predecessor as Headmaster, XXX, wrote to you on 19 June 2013 with the devastating news of the sudden and unexpected death of one of our Sixth Form pupils, Chris XXX. As Mr XXX’s letter explained, we were informed at that time by the public health authorities that they were treating Chris’s death as a suspected case of meningococcal infection. We were instructed to pass on this news to parents and also to forward information leaflets on meningitis to all XXX School families as a precaution.
I am writing to inform you that we have now been contacted by the Metropolitan Police to tell us that the Coroner’s hearing took place earlier this week and it was concluded that meningitis was not the cause of Chris’s death. The Coroner’s findings indicate that Chris’s death was accidental after taking a chemical substance called 2, 4 Dinitrophenol (also known as DNP).
We understand from the relevant public authorities that DNP is an industrial chemical, which cannot legally be sold for human consumption in the United Kingdom. However, it can be sourced and purchased online from abroad, where it is marketed as a ‘fat-burning aid’ and is sold in tablet or capsule form. The police have indicated that this is sadly what seems to have happened in Chris’s case.


Mark September 13, 2013 at 10:27 am

Here is a link to the UK’s Food Standard’s Agency page on DNP putting it in black and white how dangerous taking this chemical is:



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