DAY 1 (Part 2) – Green DNP in Tablet form? WTF!?

So here they were, my green 200MG DNP tablets. I quickly emptied them out to find one was actually broken in half…

To my relief it was actually yellow inside and only had a green color coating – so I was on the right track and this may be the real deal.

Yellow DNP

I quickly rushed off and took one with a glass of water. Yes I was excited, I was eager to feel this DNP kick in at around 30 mins as I’ve seen on other websites.

I’ve heard of sweating and feeling exhausted as if you’ve run a marathon – in fact it should feel as you’re constantly running a marathon!

30 mins came and past…

60 mins came and past…

All I got was a very slight tingling feeling and could feel something was happening, but instead of feeling tired and lethargic I actually felt pretty good. It may have been because I also took some multivitamins with the DNP tablet – I don’t know as I don’t usually take any tablets – even multivitamins.

Anyway, the entire day had past and nothing noticebale happened. Nada, apart from actually feeling quite good? Bizzarre?

Now what I hear is that a man of my weight and size – starting on 200mg DNP a day is perfect. But as midnight approached (12 hours after taking the initial DNP tablet) still nothing was happening.

So I popped another and sent an email off to support asking why these DNP tablets aren’t working… below is the “quick” response I received:

Email form Support

Ok, so 3 days eh?

Roll on Day 2 and let’s see what happens…

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Lamonica ny fibroid December 28, 2011 at 6:22 pm

Good stuff I’ve bookmarked this in Digg under “DAY 1 (Part 2) – Green DNP in Tablet form? WTF!?”. Keep up with the good stuff.


lenny May 3, 2013 at 4:28 pm

hey i wanna kno were u purchased yours fromi need toget some


niki March 9, 2014 at 10:18 pm

where did u buy these from?


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