Day 1 – My DNP tablets order has arrived!

Ok, but before I start, let me give you a run down of what’s happened to get to this point.

I’ve always been a guy with a tendency to be overweight. Heck, when I was 15 I weighed 220 pounds! Yeah, that’s 100KG at 15 years old. The school doctor said that if I carried on gaining weight at the rate I was I would be dead in a few years.

The truth is – I didn’t really eat any more than other kids my age, and I also don’t like sweets. So WTF?

Luckily my school had a mssive gym. Not a gymnasium, but a hard core pumping weight kinda gym.

So I joined, and freakin’ worked my ass off pumping iron and using the stepping machine.

In fact I mainly lived off supplements. Yeah, I had them ALL…

Calcium powder
Chromium Picolinate
Protein Powder
Vitamin C
Vitamin B
Multi Vitamins
Amino Acids

You name it, I had a stash of it!

Anyway, to cut a long story short I worked hard. Cut my meals in half or less and although I didn’t really realize it at the time, cut my carbs right down too.

Now like I said before – I wasn’t eating loads to be as fat as I was. I was eating around the same as everyone else. The problem was is that I was never really a very energetic kinda kid.

Rather than play outdoor I would spend hours in front of my computer (ZX Spectrum) playing games and programming. So the food I did eat kinda went straight to my hips!

Anyway – by the end of 1990 (and now 16) I had lost 40KG! That’s 88 pounds.

I was fit and sporting a great slim body of 60kg (132 lbs). In fact I could do the gym’s super circuit training TWICE in succession!

So from then on – I swore to myself I wasn’t going to be a fat kid anymore and wasn’t never going to let myself be teased anymore!

So through the 90′s everything was great as long as I watched what I ate and kept a little active. Granted – I didn’t go to the gym as much and there were years that I didn’t go at all, but because of my “new” lifestyle and been around plenty of friends and girls always kept me pretty active.

But then it happened – I hit my 30′s!

Man – what a change. I just don’t know where it all went wrong… well actually I do…

I got married – had 2 kids and a job in IT. Yes, that means sitting around all day!

So here I am – back at 100KG. That seems to be my benchmark for pulling out the stops and giving it all!

But there is another reason…

You see, I’m from England and currently live in Spain. Now I haven’t seen most of my friends for over a year and since then I’ve gained LOTS of weight.

Yes, living in Spain with the cheap beer and cigarettes certainly has an impact on your health. Yes, I’ve enjoyed myself but now I can’t fit into my clothes anymore and I know my wife doesn’t find me as attractive anymore even though she says she does – bless her.

We’re going back for Christmas 2009 and I don’t want to turn up looking like a fat slob. So that’s 3 months to get back into shape!

I don’t really want to lose 10 pounds – I want to lose 10 kg’s (22 pounds).

So it’s September 23rd 2009 and I’m writing this at a weight of nearly 100KG (99.8KG [220 lbs] to be exact), 173cm (5’8″) tall and 35 years old.

My “ideal” weight for my build is about 77kg (170 lbs) – 80kg (176 lbs).

Ok, but why am I turning to DNP for weight loss?

Well, everyone knows as you get a “little” older things get harder! I’m sure my metabolism is even slower than before (if not stopped) and it’s gonna take me months to lose just a few pounds. Remember – At christmas I want to be less than 90Kg’s – Preferably around 85kg’s.

So why not give this stuff a try? After reading all the reviews I feel confient it’s gonna help.

This is what I’ve done already…

I found a website that stocks DNP, in fact they’ve only recently got stock of DNP. I have in fact ordered off them before and I have even contacted their customer service before. They were very good and very quick to respond to my query.

They are also VERY VERY reasonable. Much cheaper than these “online pharmacies”, but for certain reasons I can’t publicly give out their name at the moment.

Anyway, last week I ordered 50 DNP… hmm, tablets!? Yes, tablets. I thought “Well what the hell, these are a damn site cheaper than the ‘crystal’ DNP capsules and there are good positive reviews about them on the site. For the money it’s worth a try!”

So they arrived today!

Yes I was excited to see my body boost up and to begin sweating like I was carrying coal up a mineshaft.

They arrived in a foil sealed air tight pouch. Nothing else, just the tablets in an unmarked postal jiffy bag.

Eagerly I tore open the air tight bag and notice the “GREEN” tablets?

“Huh, I thought this stuff was yellow?”

Green DNP

Hhmmm…. I investigated the tablets further…